Evening cruises in Hawaii

Cruises are quite a popular pastime in Hawaii, which is available to you on any island of Hawaii (Oahu, Kauai, Maui or the Big Island), and that you can enjoy with your partner. Depending on your desires, you can choose as a regular tour and cruise, entirely made up of your wishes. You can also choose and the type of ship on which a cruise from a small boat and catamaran and to larger vessels, designed specially for Hawaiian waters.

Types of tours

Routes of all cruises lie in known Hawaiian beach, so you can capture the best views of the islands. If you choose a cruise on a small boat, you will most likely during the cruise offers tropical cocktails and snacks. In addition, the small boat gives you a sense of space: you can immerse themselves in the contemplation of the species behind, feeling the pleasant rocking waves and highlighting the smell of the ocean. Evening cruises on small boats are ideal for those who want to enjoy the view over the ocean evening, not party on board.

If you choose the standard cruise on a large ship, then your tour is already on a tropical cocktail, buffet and entertainment activities on board. Every ship their special entertaining show, but most include Polynesian songs and dances. Some provide more fiery, the other - a romantic, and musicians can perform custom known songs.

As evening cruises are a popular pastime and a lower level than the premium tours, the many visitors to Hawaii usually choose tours. Therefore, you should keep in mind that by choosing this type of cruise, you will have to share their meal with a large number of people. Deck during these cruises are usually crowded and filled with noise and is more suitable for a party. But if you like to be in crowded places, then you excellent fit this type of cruise.

If you want to plunge into the romantic atmosphere, choose a tour of the premium or an exclusive evening cruise. Its cost is higher, but you get a table by the window, good service, expensive tropical cocktails or a glass of champagne. In addition, these two types of tour accompanied by the best Polynesian show and sometimes - live jazz music, depending on the ship. Service individually, and on the deck more space.

For certain types of exclusive tours, there are limitations such as you can not take children under the age of twelve years, or there is a certain dress code.

Regardless of your choice before booking discuss all the details of the tour with your travel agent or read carefully the proposed cruises on the Internet, if you want to book tickets on the company website.

The average duration of the cruise - two or three hours. Some companies may take you from the hotel and back to the ship and for an additional fee.

Stunning scenery

On board any cruise ship you will open the spectacular ocean views and coastal scenery. If you stay in Hawaii in the winter, then you also have the chance during the cruise to see whales.

Beautiful sunsets can be seen is not always because of the geographical situation of the islands sunsets here are very short (very short and dusk), and are not always as spectacular as the postcards. But sometimes the sun sets very bright and beautiful. You may also notice that the sky over Hawaii after sunset is painted in shades of blue and becomes beautiful.


Menu evening cruises can vary significantly. Standard tour usually includes a buffet with pasta, green salad, mixed vegetables, Hawaiian fish (eg, mahi mahi), roast chicken, a variety of rolls, boiled rice, mashed potatoes, fruit and dessert.

Menu tour premium may consist of more appetizers, main dishes and desserts, cocktails and champagne.

During the cruise you can offer beer, Mai Tai, Pina Colada and other cocktails. Some ships are bars where you can enjoy a drink at your leisure. Coffee and tea are served for free.

Special events

Some of the companies involved in an evening cruise in Hawaii, offer special tours on holidays, such as Valentine's Day, July 4 (Independence Day) and New Year.

You can also book a cruise to celebrate weddings and other events (parties birthday, anniversary). For further information on this topic please contact your travel agency.